Friday, August 31, 2012

15 Things to Do Before the Summer Ends...

As Fall slowly comes around the corner we decided why not make a list of all the things to do before the summer is completely over?? There were so many things we realized we still haven't done but decided to narrow it down to a top 15. Click Read More to Check it out!!

1. Catch some last minute Summer Sales with the girls
2. Going to a Drive-In Movie
3. Dance in the rain
4. Go for a bike ride with the Bestie
5. Have a picnic at the Park or the Beach
6. Fly a Kite
7. Go to a rooftop pool party and show off your fav swimsuit
8. Blow Bubbles
9. Catch Fireflies
10. Make fresh Lemonade
11. Go to an Amusement Park
12. Go Skinny Dipping
13. Go on that blind date
14. Gather the girls and go to a Wine Festival
15. Watch the sunrise or sunset with that cutie you've been crushing on this whole summer

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