Black Owned Ice Cream Shops in the DMV

Happy National Ice Cream Day! That's right today is one of my favorite "holidays" lol, yea I know it's technically not an actual holiday but who cares! I love ice cream and today is the perfect excuse to eat as much of it as I want! I mean whoever doesn't like ice cream I truly feel sorry for you...just kidding but no seriously how can you not? Any who, In honor of National Ice Cream Day and Black Lives Matter (because Black lives STILL matter) I've created a little list of some amazing black owned ice cream shops in the DMV Area. So if you don't do anything today please at least get out there and support one of these businesses and feel free to check out this amazing organization I also came across called; Ice Cream For Change , which is a platform of ice cream lovers and makers advocating for social change and civic action. Here's the scoop , Island Tropical , Cajou Creamery , Taharka Bros. Ice Cream , Southwest Soda Pop Shop ,

TRENDY TUESDAYS : Quarantine Nails

Hey babes and happy Tuesday!  So with all the craziness going on in the world, as a black woman my heart has been feeling extra heavy lately and I'm sure yours has too. That being said, sometimes you just need a minute to detox, regroup and treat yourself to a little "me time". With everything going on including us being on lockdown for the past few months, these times have allowed us girls to get creative when it comes to our beauty regimens.  Although businesses are slowly starting to reopen now, some of us aren't quite ready to take that chance yet. One of the biggest beauty trends I have been seeing all across the internet, has been the popular demand for press on nails.  That's right girls... PRESS ON NAILS! You remember? When you were too young to have long nails so you went to the nearest beauty supply store to buy you some press ons, tryna be grown(okay maybe that was my childhood) lol, but anyway these aren't your average press ons! Keep scrolling to