Finding Yourself Through A Pandemic...

    Where do I begin...2020 has been quite a fuckin year!  Through all the craziness, this pandemic has allowed me to face many fears.  One being finally deciding to leave my "stable" job of 6 years (Did I mention WITH benefits?) to rediscover myself and fully commit to working on my own business (Missvintagegold).  I also decided to take a risk and open a completely new business with my sister during a pandemic! Which happens to be located in the U.S Virgin Islands, lol. 

    As I write this post it just hit me how crazy all of this may sound and all I can do is laugh. Now you may ask, "What's so funny?" but for a while now I have been living through my own fear.  Fear of stepping out of my comfort zone, fear of being successful, and fear of unapologetically living my best life.  Through some meditation and finding the right therapist I have slowly been able to open my eyes to new possibilities within myself.  Although I still have my ups and downs like everyone else (remember we are all human), this year has taught me that you can either push forward and fight through the negativity of the world or become another victim of 2020. 



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