Creative Halloween Costume Ideas of 2019

As you know Halloween is just around the corner and if your looking for last minute costume ideas to stand out and have fun in, I got you! So keep scrolling below and check out some of the most simple yet creative Halloween costume ideas for 2019!

1. Lizzo-Truth Hurts Performance:
•Wedding dress (thrifted)
•Wedding Veil
•White Boots or sneakers 
•Blinged out shades
•Iced out jewelry 

2. Rihanna-Crop Over:
•Pink Dress with Feathers
•Rhinestone Round Sunglasses 
•Bantu Knots
•Rhinestone Bracelet

3. Cardi B- In Moschino:
White Trench Coat
•White Hat
•Pink Paint and Paint Brush
•Nude Stalkings
•Black Paint
•Pink Shoes

4. Agent M- Men in Black:
•Black suit
•White Button up Shirt
•Black Tie
•Black Shades

5. Solange-I.D Magazine:
Cowgirl Hats (duh!)
•Statement Earrings 
•White Long Gloves
•Black Bottom

6.Detective Rue Euphoria:
•White Tank Top
•Brown Pants
•Brown Suspenders 
•Sherriff Badge 

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